Express Delivery (DHL)

If you choose Express Delivery, you will receive a notification from DHL EXPRESS ON-DEMAND DELIVERY (DHL ODD)

ODD will provide you with email/SMS updates about your shipments progress and estimated delivery date/time.

When the shipment doesn’t fit your schedule the 100% free service enables you to choose the time and place of delivery.

Giving you maximum flexibility and greater control over your shipment.

DHL ON-DEMAND DELIVERY offers the following free delivery options:

  • Deliver my package on Another Day: Scheduled delivery
  • Deliver my package to Another Address: Alternate Delivery to work or family.
  • Deliver my Package at a Safe Place: Authorise Shipment Release.
  • Deliver my package with Neighbour: Leave with neighbour, reception or guard.
  • Deliver my package at a DHL Service Point: Hold for Collection.
  • Request my Hold My Package: Vacation hold safekeeping up to 30 days.

ODD gives you full control and lets you never miss another delivery.

Flexible convenient and always as the right moment just add your mobile number and email address at the checkout to receive these On-Demand Delivery Options 

Order before 2 pm UK time for same day delivery. Any orders made after this point will be dispatched the next working day.

Delivery times may vary on bank holidays & public holiday

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